Introduction to AXIOM

 Today I am going to discuss the basic concepts of AXIOM. First of all we will look at what AXIOM is. What is AXIOM? AXIOM stands for AXIs2 Object Model. This is the XML object model used  by Apache AXIS2 web services. What is the difference from other models? For processing XML, we usually use… Continue reading Introduction to AXIOM

XML Basics

Basic XML Hi, I would like to represent you about the basics of XML which I came across by Googling and participating the WSO2 Boot Camp. Let’s start with the most important question. What is XML? XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. Unlike HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), XML is for carrying data and not for… Continue reading XML Basics

JAXB Introduction

Learn JAXB What is JAXB? JAXB stands for Java Architecture for XML Binding. To work with JAXB you do not need to know about XML parses. You can get either XML document from Java object or vice versa.  There are two mechanisms in JAXB. Marshalling Marshalling is converting Java object to XML. Unmarshalling Unmarshalling is converting… Continue reading JAXB Introduction

Validating XML

Hi… Today, we will discuss further more about XML. Validating XML We can use either schemas or DTD (Document Type Definition) to validate an XML file. DTD is an obsolete way of validating XML. Schema is widely used now and has better features than in DTD and they are more powerful in may ways. The… Continue reading Validating XML

Learning XPath

Hi all… Today we are going to learn about XPath. XPath introduction First of all we will try to understand, what is XPath.  XML has a hierarchical structure with parent and child nodes. So we should have a mechanism to navigate through these tags to get their values. XPath is used to do this task.… Continue reading Learning XPath

Remote debugging

This post will be on Remote debugging WSO2 products using Intellij idea. Thought of writing this simple post to avoid wasting time on Lets started from the scratch. Open the product source code from Intellij Idea.