Configuring IBM MQ 7.4 in Windows instance

Configuring IBM MQ 7.4 in Windows

In an earlier post, I have discussed about installing IBM MQ 7.5 in a Windows machine. The next step will be configuring IBM MQ to transfer a file.

Step 01

Open IBM MQ explorer with administrative privileges. And you will get the following user interface to work with.
NOTE: If you run IBM MQ explorer without administrative privileges, you will not be able to create Queue managers.

Step 02

Create a new queue manager (I have named as myQueueManager) and make it the default queue manager. Click on the new queue manager (myQueueManager) and create a local queue.


Step 03

Go to Advanced > Channel > Server connection channel to create a server connection channel.

Step 04

Go to JMS Administered Objects > Add initial context and select the file system. Enter the jndi file path. For example file:/C:/jndi-directory 

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